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BST Duct and Mobil Bunker Line



Project Description

BST Duct and Mobil Bunker Line

The BST Service relocation involved the shutting and relocation of five SS pipes. This included lines for aviation fuel, acids and various other chemicals.

The lines needed to be purged with a nitrogen gas, cut, rewelded and commissioned within a strict deadline. The pipes themselves were geometrically difficult to match up with the existing pipework and ensuring that everything fitted within the duct space.

Stringent QA records needed to be kept and documented due to the high risk associated with the materials they carried.

The Mobil bunker line is the main fuel line to all the ships that enter the Port of Tauranga. This line needed to be relocated. The line needed to be purged, cut, rewelded and commissioned within a strict deadline.

One of the difficulties faced with this was that the line ran under one of the main trucking roads at the Port of Tauranga, which had to be kept open 24/7.

The works required a stringent QA package due to Mobil’s regulations. The pipeline also had an elaborate backfill detail which involved a sand/bidim detail along with electrically connected concrete reinforced pads that were laid like tiles over the pipeline.

Technical Overview

This project at the Port of Tauranga was two-fold: • BST Service relocation. • Mobil bunkerline relocation.

Tauranga City Council
Contract Value: $350000
Year: 2014
Location: Port of Tauranga

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