On stable ground in Edgecumbe

  • Location: Bay of Plenty
  • Year: 2021

Technical overview

Stabilisation of ground and construction of new T4 foundations for a new transformer and oil containment tank at Edgecumbe Substation.

Connell Contractors were engaged to secure the footings for a new transformer and oil containment tank at Edgecumbe Substation in the Bay of Plenty. Operating in a known earthquake-prone region, the groundwork prior to the construction of the foundations required significant stabilisation underneath the transformer.

Adding to the challenge for the team operating at Edgecumbe, is its proximity in relation to the stopbank on the Rangitaiki River, which meant the area is also susceptible to flooding.

Efforts to stabilise the ground under the new T4 footings included the installation of a continuous flight auger (CFA) lattice grid, consisting of 100 750mm diameter piles.

Work was then undertaken to excavate more than 2,500 cubic metres of soil for the construction of the T4 footings for the new oil containment tank. Tough site conditions required a 2.5m deep, 8m wide, 17.5m long excavation before the 400 cubic metres of concrete for the tank’s footprint was poured.

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