• Location: Auckland
  • Year: 2018

Technical Overview

Engaged directly by Transpower, Connell Contractors constructed a new ODID building outside of the existing switchyard. The superstructure was of precast concrete panels with a Kingspan roof with an approximate size of 11 x 7m. The building included a basement to facilitate cable entry to the switchgear panels.

Connell Contractors is currently working through the many unforeseen challenges on this project and typically include Asbestos pipes, HV services, wastewater drainage, concrete foundations are just a few of the existing obstacles that have had to be managed.

As a result of these findings, the design has been revamped resulting in significant methodology changes including hydrovac excavation of piles, Insitu concrete cable troughs and rerouting of cable runs.

To date, the following areas have been completed:

– Precast cable pits installed
– Precast / Insitu cable troughs installed
– Cable stand piles / foundations constructed
– UPVC cable ducts installed
– Cable penetrations to control building
– Directly buried cable trenches with thermal backfill underway
– Demolition of existing foundations
– LS3/4 Foundation pad constructed

Despite the challenges and in order to meet the stringent timeframes, collaboration between all teams has been paramount. Designers have had to produce redesigned plans at short notice and the constriction teams have been diligent and efficient in completing these works.

The 16 week project was delivered on time and budget.

Connell Contractors also secured the second stage tender for Broadspectrum That included ducting, trenching and piled foundations for the electrical cabling works. This work is still in progress (as at September 2018) and has an anticipated contract period of eight weeks.

Progress (November 2018)

This project for Broadspectrum is nearing completion. Work to date includes piled foundations for cable trays, installation of insitu/pre-cast troughs, cable trenches, LST foundation and firewall, sewer diversion and metalling yard.

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