Kinleith Substation Redevelopment

North Island

  • Location: TOKOROA
  • Year: 2018-2020

Technical Overview

The Project objective is to reconfigure and rebuild the Kinleith substation to achieve the following: Excellence in safety – achieve no Lost Time Injury; work completed in accordance with design; achieve a high level of planning of the Works, including outages required to complete the Works; ensure coordination with Powerco / Oji in relation to testing and commissioning activities; a secure customer supply while assets are replaced.

Kinleith Substation is located near the town of Tokoroa in the South Waikato region of the North Island. The Project objective is to reconfigure and rebuild the Kinleith substation, which supplies power, via Powerco (the local distribution company), to a pulp and paper mill owned by Oji Fibre Solutions (Oji) and the distribution network around Tokoroa.

Most of the primary equipment at Kinleith is programmed for replacement in the next 10 years with much of the equipment in poor condition and /or at risk of failure. The total works are to be planned and completed by June 2020.

Scope of Works (Civil)

The proposed expansion of Kinleith Substation involves an extension of the switchyard within the currentsite boundaries. The work is summarised as follows:

1. Construction of 4no 110/33 kV & transformer foundation pads and firewalls.
2. Construction of 20no DCB Pads/ CT/VT Foundation pads.
3. Install 10no Precast ODJB’s.
4. Installation of a new 11kV switchroom building comprising monolithic pad, Tilt panel walls, mezzanine floor and Kingspan roof panels.
5. Strengthening of existing cable tunnel walls.
6. Demolition of existing Transformer plinths, Foundation pads, Traverser track and retaining wall.
7. Oil interceptor and stormwater drainage.
8. Install precast concrete cable troughs and FRP lids.
9. Cable trenches.
10. Security fencing and retaining walls.

Early Progress

Great progress has been made to date on this two year project.

With three separate work faces operating concurrently to meet the stringent timeframes, the crews have been working tirelessly.

To date, the ODID foundation slab has been completed ready to receive the 55no precast tilt panels. T9, the first of the four transformer foundation pads, has been poured and the 8 metre high firewalls will be installed in June 2018. Bay 280 area foundation pads have been poured, allowing broadspectrum access to extend the existing gantry.

Consistent levels of rhyolite rock were encountered, together with many unidentified live cables, during installation of the precast concrete troughs. Dan Connolly and his team worked diligently and professionally in avoiding all of these challenges – a truly magnificent effort.

The existing security fence has been removed, retaining walls and pads demolished, to make way for new structures.

Progress (September 2018)

Good progress is being made at Kinleith with major milestones achieved.
The two year contract period comprises of eight stages and CCL have completed three of the most critical stages. Key milestones include:

– The 50 metre 2 storey ODID building has been handed over to Broadspectrum and switchgear installation is well under way.
– T9 Transformer Foundation + 7metre high blast wall installed
– Transformers Foundations T7 / 8 have been completed including a 7 metre high blast wall
– Retaining wall to Southwestern boundary has been constructed
– Oil containment drainage from T9 Transformer to Oil containment tank is installed
– Precast concrete cable troughs inside the switchyard are installed complete with FRP lids
– Cable pits and ducts have been installed between the new ODID building and existing control building
– Switchyard extension currently underway

Commissioning of the switchgear is scheduled for January 2019.

Progress (November 2018)

In order to meet the stringent contract period, Connell Contractors has had to run several work faces concurrently.

The new 50-metre, two-storey ODID building was handed over to Broadspectrum in October and good progress has been made installing the switchgear. T7, T8 and T9 transformer bays have been constructed complete with 7-metre highprecast firewalls.

Oil containment drainage has been connected to the existing tanks and most of the pre-cast cable troughs have been installed.

The large switchyard extension to the western side has been completed together with security fencing. T6 Transformer bay will commence in early 2019 with all remaining works scheduled to be completed later in the year.

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