Rangitaiki Solar Farm

Harnessing the sun

  • Location: Edgecumbe
  • Year: 2023

Connell Contractors is proud to have played a critical role in the construction of Lodestone Energy’s second solar farm, Rangitaiki Solar Farm.

Located near Edgecumbe in the Bay of Plenty, Rangitaiki Solar Farm began generating in early 2024. The farm has a capacity of 32 MW and generates enough electricity to power 7,500 Kiwi homes each year.

Work on the Rangitaiki Solar Farm’s foundations began in 2023. We delivered all earthworks and civil construction for the solar farm, including foundations, roading, and drainage.

This was the third solar farm delivered by Connell for Lodestone. Working across Kaitaia, Waiotahe and Edgecumbe solar farms has equipped Connell with a deep understanding of civil construction for the renewable energy sector.

Lodestone Energy Nick Murray said the Connell team was ‘competent, motivated and agile’.

“By having Connell deliver across multiple projects, they were able to apply learnings from one project to the next, and provide our engineers with feedback to help refine the design,” said Nick.

Connell CEO Lester Foxall said the Connell team has “unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the requirements for renewable energy production projects.”

“We’re proud to work alongside companies like Lodestone and Infratec to pave the way for a renewable energy future for New Zealand,” said Lester.

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