• Location: Hamilton
  • Year: 2019

Technical Overview

This was treated as a variation to the initial project contract, which involved installing an extra 270 metres of 560mm pipe from the initial contract end point into the Tainui Subdivision to help boost their supply.

Connell Contractors was awarded an extension to the Rotokauri Bulk Watermain project.

Although this extension was fairly straight-forward in comparison to the main contract it still had some challenges. These included drilling under the Avalon Drain and negotiating the newly installed services within the subdivision.The Connell Contractors’ team were lucky enough, on this stage, to be able to weld the pipe within the subdivision and have room to move it around relatively easily.

An offset special had to be fabricated at the tie in point to allow the pipe to rise quickly after the main services trench to connect to the tee installed by another contractor. Large bore, long radius bends were used to tie in to the end of line valve previously installed by Connell.

Sheetpiles had to be used to make the connection as ground conditions were wet and the depth of the connection was 3.6 metres.

Pipe was successfully tested and connected on time and within budget.

The initial Rotokauri Bulk Watermain project covered nearly three kilometres, running from Pohutawaka Drive to the intersection of Aorangi Road and Te Wetini Drive in northern Hamilton. Watermains, stormwater utilities, wastewater and other services such as power, gas and telecommunications existed in the area, which made placing the new watermain a challenge, but one the Connell team met head on.

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