Penrose Trade Waste Upgrade


  • Location: Auckland
  • Year: 2013

Technical Overview

Bypass pump 130m of 250mm trade waste bulk main, burst and upsize to 300mm PE pipe.

Pipebursting and upsize of 130m of 250mm trade waste line with 315mm PE pipe in one pull.

The line had previously been repaired with CIPP lining that had failed, causing the line to block.

This was a particularly difficult burst as we had to design a bursting head to crack the AC, cut the CIPP lining and also cut a 20m section of PE pipe which had also been used as a repair.

This line was seven metres deep, so both entry and exit pits had to be shored using sheet piles. The site was also a capped asbestos dump.

We were required to work under strict health and safety guidelines on Mighty River Power site.

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