Glenlyon Avenue Sewer Upgrade


  • Location: Tauranga
  • Year: 2015

Technical Overview

Replacement of 150 metres of 150mm A/C sewer pipe by pipebursting and open cut, with an upsize to 225mm and 300mm diameter.

600 metres of 150 A/C sewer needed to be upsized to 225mm diameter and 300mm diameter. The majority of the site was in busy commercial roads and reinforced concrete industrial yards.

The Geotech report indicated a weak marine foundation overlaid with compacted fill.  A 200 metre  bypass was constructed with provision to introduce additional bypass flows along its length via tapping saddles. The longest burst was 130 metres of 150mm diameter upsized to 300mm diameter pipe through four manholes.

Connell Contractors emailed our suppliers in Scandinavia with details of the soil type, existing pipe material, proposed new pipe and length to confirm that the pipe burst was within the capability of the equipment.

Key factors in the success of this project were:
•    shoring and control of the ground water.
•    bypass pumping of the existing sewer flows.
•    traffic control and liaison with numerous affected property owners.
•    strict environmental controls.
•    planning including communications and contingencies.

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