North Island

  • Location: KAWERAU
  • Year: 2018/19

Technical Overview

This project comprises demolition of existing spare transformer pads and drainage tanks, installing oil containment system including tanks and pipes, construction of two transformer pads (including pre-cast firewalls), installation of pre-cast cable troughs, cable trenching, associated foundation pads and security fencing.

Connell Contractors has commenced an eight month project to carryout extensive civil works for Northpower comprising a number of facets.

Progress (November 2018)

T5 works:

– Ex-transformer foundatrions removed.
– Site excavation complete.
– Undercut complete.
– Subgrade improvements complete.
– Cable conduits/ducts set in place.
– Site concrete laid.
– Peri panels installed.
– Structural steel underway.
– Building hold-down bolts beam.

Oil containment works:

– Excavation of pit complete.
– Undercut complete.
– Pumping well installed into place.
– Access handrail installed.
– Continuing with subgrade improvements for tanks.

Progress (June 2019)

A small part of the project works at Kawerau Substation has consisted of constructing a new oil containment system. With an excavation of 4m deep we installed two 25000l precast concrete tanks weighing approx. 9t each. The oil containment system is designed to hold any oil spilled out of a transformer by either a fault or leak.

Each transformer foundation is designed with a bunded area which is connected to this system. Once the oil/water reaches a certain level inside the tanks, it flows into a deeper pumping well. This then gets pumped into an oil separator unit which separates the water and oil, the clean water is then sent down a stormwater line, and the oil is held inside the tank so it can be removed offsite appropriately.

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