Poutu Intake and
Tunnel Erosion Repair


  • Location: Rangipo
  • Year: 2023

Technical overview

Genesis Energy entrusted Connell Contractors with the critical task of repairing the Poutu intake in the Tongariro Hydro Scheme. The project unfolded during a challenging six-week shutdown in early 2023. Connell’s experienced team was ready to tackle this complex endeavour head-on, resulting in an award-winning project.

The project, commissioned by Genesis Energy, involved repairing the Poutu intake within the Tongariro Hydro Scheme during a challenging six-week shutdown in early 2023. Connell Contractors’ CEO, Lester Foxall, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, emphasising the project’s complexities, including working within a tunnel, environmental preservation, intricate craneage requirements, and meeting tight deadlines.

Significant health and safety risks associated with the project, including working at heights, confined spaces, water management, and isolated works made the project a challenge. A substantial portion of the work took place within the tunnel, which presented limited lighting, challenging access, and water ingress issues. The team navigated five storeys of scaffolding daily to access the work area.

The success of the project was attributed to meticulous planning, thorough preparation, and a strong safety culture. Connell Contractors invested heavily in training and safety equipment to ensure a secure working environment.

Despite facing adversity in the form of Auckland Anniversary weekend floods and Cyclone Gabrielle, the project was delivered on time, within budget, and with a commitment to high-quality standards, earning accolades from Genesis Energy.

Genesis Energy Civil Engineer Bachir Ibrahim commended Connell’s site team for their dedication and collaboration with other contractors, which played a crucial role in completing the project on schedule and within budget.

The company’s exceptional work on the Poutu Intake and Tunnel Erosion Repair project not only earned them top honors in the $1 – $5 million projects category but also saw them walk away with the coveted Health and Safety award and the overall Supreme Award.

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