Pressure Main 11

South Island

  • Location: Christchurch
  • Year: 2012-13

Technical Overview

This high-profile SCIRT project involved the construction of a new 3.6km 1,200mm diameter reinforced fibreglass pipeline from Bromley’s Linfield Park to a repaired pump station in Woolston.

The pipeline had to be laid to very strict tolerance levels, both line and level as well as compaction. The new pipeline replaced two existing wastewater pipelines, which together serviced approximately 30% of the city’s wastewater.

Pipes were laid at depths of up to 4.5m in high water table and challenging, previously heavily liquefied ground conditions. The installation required dewatering on both sides of the pipeline alignment with significant water flows and up to four six-inch pumps working simultaneously.

Work had to be carried out around high traffic flows and business premises. This required careful planning of the construction works, in particular with large intersections like Linwood Ave/Aldwins Road to be crossed.

This was a complex project involving multiple parties and there were ongoing design changes during the construction process. This required a collaborative approach from all project parties and flexibility in assigning resources to work tasks.

Further contract works were awarded to Connell’s in recognition of our outstanding performance and productivity.

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