Mangere Wastewater Plant Upgrade


  • Location: Auckland
  • Year: 2016

Technical Overview

Three pipelines, one kilometre long, connecting the plant extension with the existing wastewater treatment facility.

Work includes twin 1300mm diameter fibreglass pipes in twelve metre lengths at depths of up to 7.5m.

Quality and safety standards are very stringent as would be expected of a project of this importance and complexity. Included will be work in two hundred metres of tunnels and a connection into the live discharge channel.

Joint repair on critical infrastructure at Mangere WWTP

Connell’s have successfully reinforced a leaking joint on a 2.5 metre diameter pipe using a special stainless band and neoprene seal. Shoring around existing services had its challenges and so did the excavation under the pipe with hydro excavation.

This is a good long term fix completed safely and without incident.

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