Live site, live challenges

  • Location: South Auckland
  • Year: 2021

Technical overview

Construction of a new foundation pad for the prefab ODID building a Mangere Substation.

Connell Contractors has been onsite at Mangere Substation since 2019. The construction of this electrical substation has been a technically challenging project due to the nature of the site, the ground grid application and its improvement requirements, and the ODID to bring the site to life.

The construction of the new foundation pad for the prefab ODID build began onsite with the excavation of the site footprint. Here, our team needed to work in unison with the National Grid Operator to ensure consistent power throughout the operation–something which was paramount to the development.

A huge part of this project was traffic management and project management to ensure we were able to complete the project on time, to budget.

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