Tye Park Wastewater Storage Chamber

Tauranga City Council

  • Location: Tauranga
  • Year: 2011

Technical Overview

Installation of two 28 metre by 1.8 metre diametre fibreglass storage tanks in marine silts at the Tauranga Wastewater Storage facility.

Fibreglass Tank and Sewer Installation: Similar dimensions to contract tank and similar ground conditions.

Environmental Management: Treating discharges from pumping operations, preventing run-off from excavated ground and ensuring flows were separated from the stormwater system.

Reinstatement: Compaction of excavated material and regrassing to a mowable state.

Dewatering: Sumping and pumping of pit with wellpoint dewatering outside of sheetpiles. Controlling silt discharges.

Public Liaison: Affected parties notified by head contractor. Works area fenced off allowing safe use of other areas of the park.

Safety: Traffic Management to allow safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians through the work site. Sufficient shoring to provide safe access to pit and pipeline. Altering safety plan in response to changing ground conditions and circumstances.

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