‘Stepping back and seeing what you’ve built’: Best part of the job for site supervisor Ricky

Site supervisor Ricky Codd joined Connell two years ago, after arriving in New Zealand from South Africa.

With a background in commercial and residential housing and civil contracting, Ricky had worked in England and South Africa before migrating to New Zealand.

In his role as site supervisor at Connell, Ricky specialises in infrastructure works, and has helped deliver many high-profile projects across the North Island.

Since joining Connell, Ricky has completed his Connexis Level 4 Site Supervision. He is now undertaking the Level 5 Project Management qualification.

Ricky enjoys applying new technology to the projects Connell delivers, such as the use of Total Stations – a surveying instrument that combines an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance metre to accurate measure angles and distances.

“We’re moving more toward Total Stations for surveyors to accurately plot points on the building. This technology makes us more accurate and efficient, enabling us to capture up-to-date imagery from a site.”

When asked what he enjoys the most about the role, Ricky says, “I like the complexity of the large structures – all the fine details and how the pieces fit together.”

“You take a 2D plan and then you make it into a real thing, from setting it out, making sure it’s in the right position, and at the right heights.

“I like stepping back at the end and seeing what you’ve built – the creativity of it.”

Ricky says he also enjoys learning the ways different countries operate and work.

“Things are very different everywhere you go. I’ve learned a lot, both in the way that New Zealand operates, and how people work here.

“Take health and safety, for example. It’s a far bigger focus in New Zealand than South Africa,” says Ricky.

Ricky’s advice for anyone considering a career in civil contracting is ‘commit.’

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