Genesis Energy and Connell Contractors Celebrate Blessing of the Prestigious Toki Paraihe, Commemorating the Legacy of Kupe.

In an occasion celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Aotearoa, Genesis Energy, and Connell Contractors commemorated the blessing of the esteemed Toki Paraihe. The blessing, conducted by Mahana Toka of Waikato Tainui, marked a significant milestone in the journey of the prestigious national project award recently awarded to Connell Contractors at the CCNZ Construction Excellence Awards 2023.

Crafted from Kauri wood, the 2023 Toki Paraihe serves as a powerful symbol embodying the enduring legacy of Kupe, the legendary Maori navigator who embarked on the historic journey from Hawaiki to Aotearoa aboard the legendary waka, Tokimatawhaorua.

The Toki Paraihe not only embodies the remarkable saga of Kupe’s voyage but also encapsulates the essence of whakapapa, symbolising the profound interconnectedness of past, present, and future.

The blessing ceremony, graced by Connell Contractors owners Dave and Margo Connell and Lester Foxall, alongside Genesis Energy’s Bachir Ibrahim, exemplified the shared commitment towards fostering more meaningful relationships between project owners and contractors.

“We express our heartfelt gratitude to Waikato Tainui for their invaluable guidance and for the blessing of this Toki, signifying a powerful union of tradition and contemporary achievements,” expressed Dave Connell.

The event concluded with a pledge from both Genesis Energy and Connell Contractors to uphold the values enshrined within the Toki Paraihe, fostering a spirit of respect, collaboration, and continuous progress in all endeavours.

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